Benefits of Aquariums

Several Benefits of Having a Personal Aquarium.

Reduce Stress, Anxiety & Pain, Increase Concentration & Focus, Reduce ADHD & PTSD, Decrease Some Alzheimer Symptoms

example of aquarium


Beautifully colored fish swimming peacefully in an underwater garden or swimming as if on a mission or just gliding in thru water with the grace of a ballet dancer and the trickling of the water, are beautiful sounds that will relax and soothe a racing mind. A properly placed aquarium will bring balance, harmony and peace to your environment, whether it is in the home or the office.

In our world today, there are many negatives in our environments and by creating an underwater oasis, we can negate and bring peace and tranquility to our well being.

Here are some of the benefits that an aquarium can be attributed by adding an aquarium into your environment.

The first and probably the most important benefit an aquarium has is the ability to help reduce stress, anxiety and pain. The sound of the water trickling, the visual of fish swimming, the visual calmness of the aquarium help the senses to bring in a positive energy by simulating the sound of nature, thus bringing on a sense of calmness. With calmness, stress and anxiety can be reduced upon the body and mind.

Spending time looking at an aquarium, escaping the daily stress of our lives, we reduce the negative effects that stress and anxiety causes on our bodies, heart and mind. An aquarium can be a way to escape the hustle and bustle and drama of our lives and to remove us physically, if just for a moment from all the negative forces we face.

Some doctors will have aquariums in their offices to assist in patients who are having dental work, minor procedures, and those with fear of doctors to assist patients to relax and help with the pain and stress of the office visit.

Have you ever been so stressed out that your blood pressure continues to rise, you start feeling your heart want to jump out of your chest? Trust me, we have all been there. One of the amazing effects that an aquarium can have on blood pressure and stress, is that if you escape into your aquarium, you can reduce your stress level and lower your blood pressure. Escaping into your aquarium, if even just for a moment, can remove you from the factors that are causing you stress and as your stress level decreases, your heart rate will begin to return to a normal heart rate, removing the stress on your heart. This effect is again going back to bringing your body into a sense of calmness and relaxation and bringing positivity back to your body.

Have you or do you use a sound soother to help you sleep? If you do, do you use the sound of a stream or waves? A more natural way to get the sound of water, which is considered one of the best sounds to relax the mind and body, is by having an aquarium in the bedroom. There are some cultures that believe an aquarium in the bedroom brings in negativity, others, including myself, find that an aquarium in the bedroom can assist in a better more restful and restorative sleep and rest. The rest can also be enhanced with the addition of moonlight effect with the lighting. Sleeping “under” a full moon next to a stream will ease your mind and body into a deep sleep.

A similar benefit of an aquarium helping you to sleep is that ability of an aquarium to help you focus and concentrate. It is very interesting in that the sound of an aquarium is a benefit to help your mind to shut off and to also help your mind focus. The sound of an aquarium will help your mind focus on the task at hand and tends to reel (no pun intended) the mind to focus on the task at hand.

Research shows that ADHD in children and adults and those that suffer from PTSD benefit from having the effects of an aquarium. As an aquarium can help the mind focus as stated above, the same effects help those with ADHD to block out some of the triggers that cause the hyper activity and can help to recenter.

There is so much research and stats that support the use of aquariums with those suffering from PTSD. To escape the triggers and to be able to refocus on the aquarium, with the fish, the calmness, the quietness, the slowness all helps those with PTSD and to lower the negative triggers, turning into more positive attributes and a sense of calmness.

In August 1999, nursing professor Nancy Edwards, released a study in which she reported that thru her study with Alzheimer patients and aquariums, that there was a decrease in the number of instances and the duration of behaviors such as wondering, pacing, yelling and physical aggression and a 17.2% increase in food consumption.

With all these benefits, it is proven that having an aquarium provides many benefits and has many positive effects on our mind, body and soul.

And finally, the aquarium hobby is just plain fun and can help with our natural need to socialize. Go into any local fish store and you can strike up a conversation with another hobbyist and build a new friendship.